This site has been developed to provide a one stop shop for members of our Seacret team. here you will find information and tools to help provide the Ultimate in customer satisfaction to your Agents and Customers. This site started as a resource to find the complete ingredients list for our products and has grown into what we have now... any suggestions on content are gratefully accepted.

Introducing Seacret

Why SEACRET Will Be #1 - CEO Mr. Izhak Ben Shabat

Why we Love this Company

From across the globe, another world exists, Where beauty is ageless and serenity is forever. From its renowned shores, its mystical waters flow. The Dead Sea - A Source of Well Being and Beauty. From this source of purity, SEACRET brings you a unique collection of skincare and spa products enriched with healing minerals and natural elements from the Dead Sea you can enjoy at home everyday. And you an unparalleled opportunity to share our collection of enriched skincare and beauty products while enjoying a lucrative home business. We personally hold ourselves accountable to a culture of: -Building superior and loyal relationships with a commitment to our partners, leaders, sales force, and clients, and a spirit of entrepreneurship. -Empowering our people with tangible skills to create sustainable success for their families and future. -Maintaining a winning attitude, continuously evolving, and constantly pursuing both personal and professional excellence. -Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of others. -Never giving up on our dreams, with the ultimate goal of creating a successful business community that celebrates life with happiness, kindness, gratitude, joy, and humility.